“With the full knowledge that Roy Moore, twice ousted from the Alabama Supreme Court, has been accused of gross sexual misconduct with teenage girls, the Republican Party and the president of the United States have backed the man in his bid to become a United States senator anyway. So hungry, desperate even, for political power, the party that was widely seen as the morality police for several generations, has traded all of that away for a Senate seat.”


Coal and oil are now energy dead ends. Investing in these industries is short term only at this point. If you want longer-term growth you need to be into renewable energy. France, in fact the entire rest of the planet, knows this. The current US administration is promoting policies from the 1980s they are so backward and now France is going to steal our scientist. Resist stupidity. Look forward not backwards.

“French President Emmanuel Macron plans to award multi-year grants for several U.S.-based scientists to relocate to France, his office said on Monday on the eve of a climate summit hosted by the president to raise finances to counter global warming.” http://flip.it/BZAKrD

So which is fake? His denials or the accusations?

“On Monday, the women — Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks — urged Congress to investigate Trump’s behavior. A fourth woman also spoke at a news conference with them via phone. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders pledged to provide a list of eyewitnesses whose accounts exonerated the president. She did not provide the…

Gorilla Sign Language

“You have more people marching against you than cancer, you talk like a sign language gorilla that got hit in the head,”

Flynn Received Payments from Russian interests

Its not a swamp, its a sewer draining into a toxic pond. Soon this administration will qualify for its own superfund cleanup…err…wait…no they won’t because they are going to gut the EPA. Mr. Flynn, who the administration fired, now is known to have accepted payments from RT related to a speaking engagement. This in itself…

What if California Votes On Leaving The U.S.?

I can tell you that the data shows that California does not need the rest of the US but the rest of the US might need California. So if California were to secede from the USA we would feel the pain of this over time in the other 49 states. What I can’t tell you…

Coverup? Who Said Anything About a Coverup?

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-russia-dossier-file-investigation-hacking-christopher-steele-mi6-a7526901.html This presidential election cycle was not about politics, it was about taking power regardless of the cost. Foreign powers were involved. US Citizens’ outrageous ignorance of how to find the actual truth in the dump of fake news…